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Sleeping Dogs Wake

Cooler than the other side of the Pillow

23 February 1970
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I just got lucky and married the bestest woman who is almost as crazy as I am. I love to meet and be around people. I can be a bit on the odd side of the coin w/ some of the things that pour from my mouth but, with that said, I can still make others smile and laugh regardless. Even though I am young, I have lived a pretty interesting life. I spent a few summers in Mexico as a kid and three year's in Germany pre and post fall of the Berlin Wall. I also served several months in the Middle East. I grew up and lived all over California and have even spent time on the East Coast. So, I can hold my own in a conversation most of the time. I like navel piercing's and tattoos (but not obsessively) even though I do have a few tattoo's and piercing's of my own. I love music from around the world, art of all types, red wine and micro brewed / imported beer. I love Sushi. But I don't get to eat it as often as I like. I can also find my way around the kitchen pretty well and have been told I'm a good cook. I enjoy going wine tasting as well as going to one of the many local breweries to try the many handcrafts this region has to offer. I'm a reformed cluber that still likes to go to an occasional show and or dancing.
My interests are vast. Ask me, we may have a lot in common. Or, read some more of my profile here. Just to name a few though, I enjoy music and film from all walks of life. I also like all types of art. I was in art school prior to getting into the medical field. I just don't create it like I should even though I have many an idea in my head. Maybe I just need to meet some people to push me in the right direction and motivate me. I also like good beer and wine so I enjoy going to the local breweries and wineries. The third time I tried it, I made some pretty good wine so I would like to do that again. Along with that I have been having fun making Absinthe. I also have been having fun over the past four years turning my condo into a home and a comfortable place for friends to come drink wine, eat good food and be around good people.
Music: My interest's in music are constantly changing. I'm all over the map with interests ranging from Classical to Gothic and Techno to Industrial. As far as radio goes, I tend to listen to KEXP. So, I can have a great time listening to Dinah Washington or Nick Drake on a Sunday morning or going to see Thievery Corporation or Pig Face down town. In general, I'm not really into Rap or Hip-Hop but I must say that Kruder & Dorfmeister did some great mixes and I really like DJ Krush and Morcheeba. As for artists such as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion and all the other so called Diva music out there... hehehe I have only one thing to say about that. It all sounds the same and just plane sucks. I can not understand how so many people out there can make so much money by singing the same song that the next person does.
Went to London for 10 days last year and can't wait to go back. So many places to see in this world though. Going to New Orleans this year... should be a great break from the long winter we seem to be getting into. Also looking at heading to New York this Fall. Now that is going to be great since I have not been to New York since '89. My wife and I just got a little Pug for Christmas and she is the little love of our lives. Her name is"Rosebud" and she is the greatest dog we could have asked for. Along with having a new puppy in our lives we have a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat named "Pandora" and two little rugrat chinchillas named Neville and Violet. As I mentioned above, if this has sparked any interest and you wish to know more, go ahead and drop a line. We can always use a new friend in our life.