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It's Friday!!!

Ahhhhhh, Friday afternoon. Got the wife off to work, put a load of clothes in the washer the kids are down for a nap and a Patton documentary is on History Channel. Mayhaps it gets no better then this... of course, looking at the kids a nap sounds like a great idea.

08 Jan. 2010

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Why do I hate Mondays?

Well, Monday is upon us once again and I must say, it sucks already. I woke up @ 0500 and am ready to head out the door to work. Problem being, today is the one day I get to sleep in since I get to walk to work on Mondays and I actually woke up 30 minutes early. OUTCH! Gotta pay them bills but come on hehehe. I guess it is better then the alternative, not having a job to wake up to or sleeping in to late to get my ass to work... of course, I don't know what it is like to sleep in too late. On another note, it is cooling down quite a bit outside. I actually needed to put on a coat to step outside and they say we may get rain today here in Seattle. Fall is officially here in a big way.

May. 17th, 2009

Just gotta say, last night was EPIC! We love our little Kristen and her turning 30+10... we hope she feels good this morning! We love our new friend Owen and bowling until 3am on the Wii. And we love ALL of our friends (Judy) (c: and other New wonderful people we met last night... to many to mention... This turning old, sure is getting fun.

Why I hate Monday's...

Yet again, my doctor is out of town so I was working at one clinic down town in Seattle doing some work that MUST be done and low and behold I get told I have to go work at a different clinic. So, now I am sitting here in Lynnwood some odd 21 miles away from the clinic i started out in this morning and am stuck here until after 4:30pm.
Oh yeah!!! :-Þ

today totally SUCKS!!!

That's right boy's and girl's, it is official, today totally sucks.

At the moment I am sitting down here in Renton at work thinking I was supposed to be working by now. You see, I thought we had to be here to start working @ 0800 so I got down here and grabed some coffe and got to the office by 0745. Well, come to find out, we do not have to be here until 0900!!! It is now 0755 andf I have a whole hour to sit on my ass waiting for all the other people t drag ass into here to do gods know what. Yeah, I'm just a little pissed you can say. It does not help the fact that I am sick as all get out and just wanted to stay home in bed.
Oh well, FUCK IT, I think I might go grab a nap for an hour.
Chiao' for now, Koi_Dog


Writer's Block: Animal Instinct

What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?

Now that is just a silly question. I say this because you really don't get to choose your spirit animal. the animal chooses you. In my case I have to say the Gray Wolf and American Bald Eagle are mine... yes, you can have more then one spirit animal.

warm and fuzzy

felt the urge to share here. I feel all warm and fuzzy today...well, at this moment actually. I was doing file work and heard a wonderful sound on the computer and came out and noticed that Siousie and the Banshees "Dazzle" from Hyaena was playing. It just made me feel good. I have not heard the song in some time but always felt it to be one of my most favorite ones by her.
Any-who, that's all I had to say. Chiao' for now. Koi_Dog

Good times...

Last night was GREAT!
We had some wonderful friends over and made sushi and drank copious amounts of saki and Laughing Buddha beer. We even had fun with "Bath Time" for the chinchillas and more Pug UFC moments with the puppies.
I feel so very luck to have my wife and my friends in my life and look forward to many more evenings like last night.